Software Business Accelerates Growth and Expands Internationally Without Dilution

About Shazamme

Shazamme is a leading cloud-based, no-code website builder specifically for the marketing and recruitment industry. Users can design, develop and manage their websites with advanced built-in features such as hosting, SEO, chatbots, integrations and more.

We love working with Fundabl! As a fast-growing startup we needed some easy, accessible capital to accelerate growth without giving away equity. The team at Fundabl made it super easy and were great to work with. The end result is that we can be more efficient with our equity during our early growth stage.

Rick Mare (CEO)

Client Need

Continue to Accelerate Growth Without Giving Away Equity

Shazamme were undergoing rapid growth and wanted to seize opportunities to scale their operations through marketing efforts and upgrade their technology infrastructure.

They needed additional growth funding and were reluctant to give away equity at an early stage in their business while they were enjoying steady traction. Traditional loan facilities required them to draw down large chunks of capital and hold the debt over a longer term.

They were looking for flexible, as-you-go funding that would be available to them as they grew.

How Fundabl Helped

Fundabl’s Short-Term Funding Solution with No Dilution

Fundabl offered Shazamme an initial growth and runway extension facility that fuelled the company’s marketing and distribution efforts. As their marketing attracted new customers, they were then able to draw down more funding to keep capturing a larger audience.

Fundabl was able to help Shazamme to scale significantly faster than it could through organic means. Since partnering with Fundabl, Shazamme has established a market presence in new markets and grown their business substantially and they show no signs of slowing down!