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In this case study we share how Shazamme partnered with Fundabl to increase its revenues

Recruitment and Marketing
Feb 17, 2022


In this success story, we share how Shazamme were able to use Fundabl’s offering to bolster distribution and marketing efforts to keep up with its growth. This provided Shazamme with the ability to grow while avoiding the need to raise equity funds and dilute. 

 “We love working with Fundabl, as a fast-growing startup we needed some easy accessible capital to grow without giving away equity. The team at Fundabl made it super easy and were great to work with. The end result is that we can be more efficient with our equity during our early growth stage.”

– Rick Mare (CEO at Shazamme)

Shazamme Company Overview

Shazamme is a leading cloud-based no-code marketing technology and recruitment & staffing website provider. Users can design, develop and manage their websites with built-in advanced features, including hosting, SEO, chatbots, integrations, etc. 

Challenges Facing the Business

Shazamme would like to bolster distribution and marketing efforts, however require additional working capital to supercharge its efforts. The business appreciate/have faced challenges with attaining access to optimal financing: 

  • Unable to access traditional bank funding on acceptable terms with no solid track record and/or profitability.
  • Equity is dilutive, lengthy and uncertain.
  • Shazamme found other revenue-based financers too expensive and weren’t satisfied with its significant commitments and the security requirements.

These challenges resulted in Shazamme considering other alternative funding options to fuel its business growth.

The Solution

Fundabl solved Shazamme’s working capital needs to bolster distribution and marketing efforts to keep up with its growth. By receiving fast, founder-friendly capital solution, Shazamme will be able to grow while avoiding the need to raise equity funds and dilute. In the space of 2 months of taking Fundabl’s capital, Shazamme were able to DOUBLE its revenues. 

“We are very excited to be a part of Shazamme’s continuing growth through this next phase of its journey and beyond. The business model and Rick’s leadership will take Shazamme to infinite growth levels and we look forward to partnering in their future success.”

– David Salkinder (CEO at Fundabl) 

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