Find answers to the questions we get asked most at Fundabl
Why do companies use Fundabl?
Fundabl supports businesses to extend cash runway, manage cash flow and accelerate growth.

Companies use Fundabl because our response time is very quick, offers flexibility, avoids equity dilution and can provide funding in as little as 24 hours.

Fundabl also provides business owners with certainty and causes minimal management distraction.
Is Fundabl right for my company?
  1. Have an Australian entity
  2. Trading for 12+ months
  3. >$15k of monthly revenues
  4. High growth aspirations
Fundabl supports companies at all various stages, sizes and sectors.
Onboard with us today to see how we can partner in your success!
How long does it take to provide the onboarding info?
As little as 3 minutes. We simply require:
  1. Read-only access to your accounting software
  2. Recent bank statements
  3. A summary of revenues by client
How long does it take to then get funded?
As little as 24 hours.
How does Fundabl work?
  1. Provide Fundabl with the onboarding info.
  2. Within as little as 24 hrs, receive an initial funding limit based on Fundabl's assessment.
  3. Nominate the initial amount of capital that you would like and instantly receive funding via EFT.
  4. Repayments are made via a direct debit from your account each month.
How much does it cost to access Fundabl's funding?
$0. No fees or obligation to onboard. The only cost is a fixed discount that ranges based on your credit metrics.
What is the term and repayment structure of a Fundabl advance?
The term is up to 12 months. Each draw down creates a separate tranche with equal monthly repayments.
How is the Trading Limit determined?
The Trading Limit is determined based on our underwriting assessment of your business. This facility can grow as your business grows. You can draw down in full or sequentially up to the Trading Limit.
Does Fundabl require personal or director guarantees?
No. Fundabl does not take personal or director guarantees with any of its products.