Fueling Business Growth with Non-dilutive Funding

About Nudge Group

The Nudge Group is a recruitment agency that works with startups and scaleups, to find the best talent globally. They also own two media platforms, helping founders with their branding, namely:

  • Give it a Nudge – A podcast series interviewing founders and CEOs about their business journey
  • Balance the Grind – An online publication focusing on conversations about maintaining a work-life-balance

We met with Fundabl not long after they started their journey, initially as a partner to offer their services to our clients, predominantly startups and scale-ups. We did this and had great success, however, over the last 12 months, we have also used their services to fuel our own growth in new products. Ethan, David and the team have been a delight and been instrumental in the success of Nudge and also many of our clients.

Steve Grace (CEO)

Client Need

Grow the Business Without Requiring Outside Investment

The business has been completely bootstrapped since inception (over 6 years) and sought a funding solution that would enable them to continue to scale the business requiring capital from outside investors.

The Nudge Group wanted to expand their online presence through existing media channels and also for their own recruitment, to help them service more clients. They needed a fast, flexible funding solution to get their growth plan underway.

How Fundabl Helped

Accelerate Growth and Maintaining Ownership

The Nudge Group used Fundabl’s capital to launch and monetise the Balance the Grind business as well as successfully expand their recruitment services into the UK market without missing a beat in their core Australian business.

The Nudge Group and Fundabl continue to work together, and we are proud to be in partnership to find alternative ways to accelerate growth in the start-up and scale-up ecosystem.