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in minutes!

Extend runway, ‘buy time’ and smooth cash flows with a short-term capital injection.

Bridge towards your next milestone

Receive an upfront capital injection to bridge you towards your next milestone, whether this be a capital raise, cash flow positive, a large enterprise contract or an acquisition.
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Fuel business growth before your next funding round

Improve your negotiation power with capital providers and ‘buy time’ to increase revenues, build product and hit business milestones
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Smooth cash flow and stay in control

Navigate unexpected expenses, the time to closing additional capital and business seasonality.
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What’s required

  • No need to be profitable, just need steady revenue
  • No pitch decks or business plan
  • No effect on credit score
Australian entity

At least some revenues flowing into this entity

Trading for 12+ months

Growing businesses with demonstrable revenue growth

At least $25k of monthly revenue

Consistently generating revenue

Why Fundabl


Tailored funding solutions for your circumstances, and draw funds when needed

Minimise Dilution

Retain business ownership and your upside potential


Quickly structure deal terms and upsize as you grow


no hidden fees or costs

Founder Friendly

No personal guarantees, voting rights or board seats required

Loved by Founders

Gabriel Guedes COO & CFO, Lyka
"Fundabl demonstrated a genuine interest in our business model and provided a tailored solution to meet our objectives. They were super responsive, flexible and we had strong conviction that they were the right partner for us."
Gabriel Guedes
COO & CFO, Lyka
"Fundabl saved me lots of time and stress, and allowed me to focus back on running the business."
Adam Lubofsky
CEO, Safewill
"Fundabl's team was responsive and professional, giving us confidence through the process. Highly recommend!"
Tom Blinksell
CEO, TShirt Ventures
"Having access to non-dilutive capital has allowed us to continue focusing on business, rather than fundraising."
Brandon Boor
CEO, IncoDocs
"Amazing team! Fast tracked and at the right cost of capital. They fully understand the journey that other startups go through."
Joe Ayyoub
"The Fundabl team made it super easy and were great to work with! Ultimately, we can be more efficient with our equity during our early growth stage."
Rick Mare
CEO, Shazamme