Venture Debt

Flexible debt funding solutions to venture-backed Australian businesses

Supporting Leading Australian Venture-backed Businesses

Ownership fuels growth,
let's make it yours.

Tailor a funding solution to suit your unique profile

Funding Terms:

up to $5m
Term: up to 36 months
Flexibility to receive capital upfront, or in incremental tranches
Optional interest-only period, or equal monthly repayments
A general business loan, no personal/director guarantees required
Warrants: No requirement for equity warrants
Covenants: Light requirement
Typical approval within 1-3 weeks

Typical Use Cases

Bring Forward Expansion

Take advantage of current momentum and invest in your future upside. Whether this be investment in business expansion, product development or growth.

Complementary to Equity

Complement an equity raise to minimise additional dilution. Receive c.20-30% of the amount raised in the equity round.

M&A Opportunities

Execute on growth opportunities and investments when they arise.

"Their process was incredibly simple, quick and with no unknowns. Highly recommend Fundabl to founders."

Dan Adams

Founder & CEO

"Fundabl demonstrated a genuine interest in our business model and provided a tailored solution to meet our objectives. ."

Gabriel Guedes


"A lender that genuinely listens to its clients and has the flexibility to provide customised funding solutions to meet their needs.."

Matt Leibowitz

Founder & CEO

"Fundabl's team was responsive and professional, giving us confidence through the process. Highly recommend!"

Tom Blinksell


"Fundabl saved me lots of time and stress, and allowed me to focus back on running the business."

Adam Lubofsky


"The Fundabl team made it super easy and were great to work with! Ultimately, we can be more efficient with our equity during our early growth stage."

Rick Mare

CEO, Shazamme

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Tailored funding structure
Upsize your facility as you grow
Growth, you can own
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